1. Bookburner II preorders are live! Check out a rough mix of the first song and then hit the store or click here to preorder. CDs come in recycled cardboard gatefold sleeves with stickers and pins and all that jazz. We may press some limited lathe-cuts depending on demand. DIG IT.

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  2. RIP 

Why couldn’t God take Leguizamo instead?

    RIP Why couldn’t God take Leguizamo instead?

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  3. Updates!

    Holy moly it has been a hot minute since I’ve updated the site. 2014 is going to be a psychotic year for Endless Bummer. First we’ve got my new band, Bookburner, putting out a 4-song demo. That will be available sometime next week. Demos will be available at shows, and as a bundle package with a very limited Bookburner t-shirt. Hear a rough preview at the Bookburner bandcamp

    After that we’ve got not one, not two, but 3 upcoming releases from Our Ghosts. A split with Death Brain, a 3-way split with Phantom Toll Booth and Strands of Life and a collaboration with B-Wise. You can hear a bundle of demos for that over at the Our Ghosts bandcamp

    This summer will bring a Bookburner 7”, and a couple others we’d rather not let out of the bag just yet. Lets get radical!

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  4. Commoner - Demo

    My band, Commoner, just finished our demo. This is that demo. If you have 7 free minutes please check it out!

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  5. News for Newbs


    Our Ghosts new ep “Hells” is in the process of getting mixed. The CD will be released sometime this summer with an entire album of bonus tracks, b-sides and remixes. In the meantime, check out this demo for “Breakfast Every Meal”. 

    On another front, details are being worked out for a super-limited release of the new Stoop Kids ep, “Old Crow”. The Stoop Kids play a lo-fi mix of blues and punk rock which are an awesome combo for the sweet summer ahead. Click through the song below to check out the whole ep, or just click play to hear my favorite track, “Pawn My Soul”.

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  6. Strands Of Life “When & Again” Pre-Order

    Hola Amigos! Happy Easter! To celebrate, we got a new preorder today! Its from my home state of Vermont, and its pretty rad. The artist is Strands of Life, and this is his umpteenth full length record, but first to be physically released. Naturally I’m excited because this is fun for me. I’ll let the music do the rest of the talking though. Below you can stream, download, and pre-order the album. All pre-orders ship with a bonus disc of b-sides, demos and remixes, plus the normal Endless Bummer goodies. Thanks for listening!


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  7. Want one of these bad boys? Pre-order the Bastard Jet ep!

    Want one of these bad boys? Pre-order the Bastard Jet ep!


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  8. Anxiously Awaiting the Bastard Jet Artwork

    Which isn’t really news, but words cannot describe how excited, scared and proud it makes me feel to be able to do what I love most in the world twice in one year. I put so much time and effort into this and lose money doing it, but I plan on doing it until the day I die, or the day I feel like my contributions don’t mean anything anymore. 

    If you haven’t yet, feel free to order/stream this awesome ep here. All orders ship with a poster, stickers and pins.

    Support DIY!

    James Gray/Endless Bummer Records

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  9. For those too lazy to click anything but “play”

    ^click play

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  10. Releases Page, Site Updates, etc.

    Check out our new releases section here and listen to/download all of our releases (after they’re released). While you’re here, take a sec to give me five bucks pre-order the new Bastard Jet ep from the Endless Bummer Webstore here. Pre-orders include the cd, an Endless Bummer compilation, pins, stickers and a poster. GET ON IT!

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